In the Classroom

Our Culture

Students Come First

1. Commitment 


We fully commit ourselves to Kids Inc and the cultures that we have in place. We are 100%  in this business, we strive to give it our best and create a safe, happy, cooperative learning  environment for all students. 

2. Ownership 


We are responsible for our own actions, the outcome that our actions will bring, and we  own everything that takes place in our business and our personal lives. We acknowledge  that our behaviour will affect the business. 

3. Integrity 


We will always speak the truth and be honest with one another, our students, parents, and  tutors. What we promise is what we will deliver. We will only make arrangements with  others that we are willing and intend to keep. We will always communicate any issues that  arise with agreements that we have made and cannot keep any longer.  

4. Leadership 


We strive to be a leader to the students in our centre and will always be there to guide them  in their schoolwork as well as their daily lives. We will be a leader to our staff members and  assist them and help them grow as tutors.  

5. Communication 


We speak positively about ourselves, students, parents and tutors both in public and private  environments. We speak with good purpose only, using empowering and positive words. On  top of speaking positively, we also strive to listen/hear what our students, parents and  tutors are saying. We take responsibility for the way that we communicate with others and  always apologize if we are in the wrong.  

6. Success  


We focus our thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of what we are  doing and what we are teaching our students. We teach our students that it is okay to make  mistakes, as long as they are trying their best. Making mistakes is a part of learning and you  do not need to win at everything to be successful. At all times, we will display pride,  prosperity, competence, and confidence.  

7. Education  


At Kids Inc, we all learn from our mistakes. We consistently learn, grow and master our work  so that we can help our fellow team members to do the same. We are educators and allow  our students to make their own intelligent decisions about their work, their actions and their  future. We impart practical and usable knowledge rather than just theory. 

8. Teamwork  


We are team players and team leaders. We will do whatever it takes to help one another  achieve the goals that we have set out. We concentrate on the co-operation of our team and  always find a solution to a problem that we are facing. We are flexible in our centre and can  change or adjust what is not working. We ask one another for help when needed and always  offer help to others.


9. Balance  


We have a balanced approach to life in our centre, remembering that our spiritual, social,  physical, and family aspects are just as important as work. We complete our work and most  important tasks first, so we can have some quality time to ourselves, with our family and  also to renew our mindsets.


10. Fun  


We view life as a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. We strive to create an atmosphere  of fun and happiness so that all who is in our centre enjoys every moment of being there.


11. Systems 


We have certain systems in place in order to run our centre smoothly and successfully.  These are there to make life easier for our students and tutors. Systems and rules are put in  place so that everyone can agree and understand how things work.  

12. Consistency  


We are consistent in all our actions so that our students, parents, and tutors can feel  comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work so that the results,  growth, and success is consistent.


13. Gratitude and Kindness  


At Kids Inc, we are profoundly grateful for life and one another. We say thank you and show  appreciation often and, in many ways, so that the people around us know how much we  have in life. We celebrate the wins of our students, parents, and tutors. Most of all, we are  always kind and respectful to others.  

14. Value  


We always strive to add value to our students, parents, and tutors’ lives. Our principles,  standards and behaviour are always of high value.  

We value each other and understand what is important in life.  

15. T.H.I.N.K before we speak  

T - Is it true?

Is this a fact or is it really an opinion or feeling? Know and be clear before you speak.  

H - Is it helpful?

Does it help you, them or the situation? 

I - Is it inspiring?

Also, does it IMPROVE the silence? 

N - Is it necessary?

Would this be better left unsaid? 

K - Is it kind?

What is your motivation for what you are about to say?